29 March 2009

Dr. Jose Rizal Travels In Europe(Switzerland)

Rizal in Switzerland
  • Basel

The Gothic Cathedral dominates the whole town of Basel.

One of many picturesque old fountains to be found in Basel.

Newly-erected Liberty Monument in Basel.

General view of Basel, an industrial and trading town situated on the Rhine near the borders of France, Germany and Switzerland.

Bayrische Bierhalle, one of the places visited by Rizal during his sojourn in Basel.

Town Hall, as seen during the time of Rizal. Built during the 16th century, it is the most significant landmark of Basel.

Town Hall, as it looks at present.
  • Bern

Rizal stayed in this hotel during his visit to Bern. This hotel is still existing with address at Bahnhofsplatz 11, opposite the railroad station of Bern.

Old view of the Cathedral, dating from the 15th century.

General view of Bern. It is considered as one of the best preserved medieval towns in Europe.

Another view of Bern with the cathedral towering above the whole town. In the background can be seen the Swiss Alps.
  • Geneva

View of Geneva during Rizal's time. Geneva is the third largest city of Switzerland, after Zurich and Basel.

Rizal stayed in this boarding house during his visit to Geneva on June 6-21, 1887.

Rizal traveled on this lake aboard a steamer from Lausanne to Geneva, which lies at the southern tip of the lake. The right side of the lake is mostly composed of vineyards.
  • Schaffhausen

The Rhine Falls. The waterfalls measure 150 meters wide and 22 meters deep.

Schaffhausen, an old town near the Rhine Falls which counts as one of the most interesting and well-kept medieval towns.

Hotel Müller, located at Bahnhofstrasse 28, where Dr. Rizal took a lodging during his visit to Schaffhausen on June 2-3, 1887.

Close-up view of the Rheinfall. It has a platform on the left bank of the Rhine for tourists
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