25 April 2010

Chuck Taylor All-Stars

Chuck Taylor All-Stars, or Converse All-Stars, also referred to as "Chucks" or Cons ' are canvas and rubber shoes produced by Converse. They were first produced in 1917 as the "All-Star," Converse's attempt to capture the basketball shoe market.

The shoes were not particularly popular until basketball player Chuck Taylor adopted them as his preferred shoe. He was impressed with the design so he became the shoe's leading salesman.

After proposing a few changes to the shoe, the shoe got its current name and Chuck Taylor's signature on its ankle All Stars patch. One change was the switch to nonslip soles. Although classic black is the most popular, Chuck Taylor was himself known to prefer unbleached white high-tops.

In the 1950s the shoes became popular within the greaser subculture and amongst many fans of rockabilly.

Consumers demanded more variety from the shoe – particularly with respect to colors in order to match basketball teams – so colored and patterned shoelaces became popular to complement the two colors, blacks and whites, available before 1966. Afterwards, more colors and styles became available. Low-top or "Oxford", high-top, and later knee-high, versions were produced. More materials were offered for the construction, including leather, suede, vinyl, denim, and hemp. Some versions of the shoe were offered without laces, held up instead by elastic. These new versions of the shoe were also co-designed by Chuck Taylor, just before his death in 1969.

Converse All Star Hi-Cut Shoes - Available in Red, Black and Off White Colour
The original Converse basketball shoe and classic converse comfort, durable canvas upper and rubber sole

Chuck Taylors and fashion:
Chuck Taylors saw of the same rock-oriented youth cultures that have kept an affinity for the shoes since (at least) the late 70's and early 80's punk and new wave eras.

In 2004, a wildly successful collaboration with designer John Varvatos gave rise to reinterpreted version of the classic Chuck Taylor All Star and Jack Purcell sneakers, including the creation of the John Varvatos Laceless Chuck Taylor.

The wearing Chuck Taylors is very popular with hip hop fashion. They are referenced frequently by many rappers (among them are Game, Lil Wayne, Mack 10, WC and more).
These are the Converse All Star Ox Low-Cut Shoes in colour Black, White and Navy available at footwear converse category.

The recent increases in numbers of colors also may have led to the market for Chuck Taylors growing, due to various owner or factory-based customizations of the shoe through color, use of stylized shoelaces, and through drawing or writing on the rubberized parts. The customization of Chuck Taylors is highly popular with the rock scene, especially with teenage girls. Many draw or write on the shoes, use mismatched laces or wear odd shoes (often two differently colored Chuck Taylors.) These practices are fairly common among wearers over the past three decades. The trend of wearing the low-rise shoes (in white) and writing on the rubberized part can be traced back to as early as 1972, peaking with junior high school girls between 1973 and 1975. Due to the texture and unique designs, Converse are favored globally.

In modern times, Chuck Taylors are worn as a casual fashion shoe, and are less often used for sports because of the development of better sports shoes by brands such as Reebok, Nike, and Adidas footwear.

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